Quality of Life.  For many in Aurora‚Äôs 8th Ward, that is our aspiration. Family, school, church, work and personal growth.  Each adds to the framework that defines what we look for in our part of Aurora.  If you live or work here, you understand why these components of our life are important and rely on your friends and neighbors to add to that framework. 

The City of Aurora has a role in our quality of life and this site will help you make the most of it.  Use it to ask questions, get answers, participate and coordinate the services you need.  Use it to add to your Quality of Life.
Residents are encouraged to sign up here for 8th Ward Email Alerts to be kept up to date on critical issues and announcements affecting all of us.  You can opt out at any time and your information will not be available to anyone else.

 Most resident questions or requests can be handled through the City of Aurora Customer Service Line

(630) 256-INFO (4636)   M - F, 8a to 5p or at www.Aurora-il.org

Waubonsie Lake Update

The problems of the last few years with Waubonsie Lake have led to a plan to dredge the lake.  Caused by construction runoff over the last 30 years and leaching of residential fertilizer into the lake, the lake has both good and bad happening to it.  The bad is that it doesn't look like it used to since nature is trying to return it to its original state - a marsh.  The good - the quality of the water is better than it has ever been and fish and wildlife are thriving.  In its current state, it is unable to hold the amount of water needed during a rain storm.  I was able to bring this to the city administration's attention a few years ago and get funding for a dredging solution in the 2015 budget.  Dredging is planned for budget year 2016.  The final engineering is underway to get the necessary permits so we can be ready for this project.  This update is one of many that have been communicated at Ward meetings, newsletters, on my "Alderman Rick Mervine' Facebook page and on this site every few months over the last few years.  While the City has responsibility for the lake dredging, it doesn't have responsibility for the park and paths as some have suggested.  The Fox Valley Park District handles that.

8th Ward Alderman Facebook Page

As promised, the Facebook page changed to become the regular 8th Ward Alderman page.  Go to 'Alderman Rick Mervine' on Facebook and connect for up to date, correct information about what's happening in the 8th Ward and for information you need to know from the City of Aurora.

Road Construction Update

Road Construction Update Open House, Thurs., April 21, 4:30 - 7 PM

Our annual Spring construction update is scheduled for April 21st from 4:30 to 7 PM at the Village Baptist Church, corner of Frontenac and Ogden Ave.  On hand will be engineers for each of the construction projects listed below to discuss the progress of each project, their construction schedules and estimated completion dates.  View plans for:

  • Ogden Avenue Overpass
  • Eola Widening south of Montgomery Road
  • Kautz Road and Montgomery Road Multi-Use Paths construction
  • Sheffer Road Water Main
  • Farnsworth road Bridge

Rt. 59 is open - New York Street is open - Indian Trail Bridge is open - Downtown streets New York, Galena, Lake and River are now two way streets again!

Ogden Ave. Railroad Overpass construction continues.  The North half of the overpass is open for one lane of traffic in each direction.  This means East-West traffic, although still reduced to one lane, is no longer blocked by trains.  5 of the 9 road crossings of the CN rail tracks in Aurora are now grade separated.  Work to construct the remainder of the overpass is well underway with completion expected Fall of 2016.  Traffic is moving through that construction zone better now that there is separation.

The widening of Eola Road South of Montgomery Road has begun with utility construction work through Keating Drive.  Both lanes remain open with slowed traffic.  Road construction is expected to begin in late April.  During construction, the two lanes are expected to remain open although at a slower pace.  This project should be essentially completed before Winter 2016 with final work finished in the Spring of 2017.

Traffic Continues to be a Problem!

The Aurora Police tell us traffic issues continue to be a problem.  While traffic detours around area construction have added traffic volume to Montgomery Road and McCoy, the main problem continues to be:

  • Texting while driving and no hands free mobile device in use
  • Following too close behind another car - tail-gating
  • Disregard for traffic laws - speeding, blowing stop signs and running red lights
  • Making bad decisions - pulling out in front of traffic
The Aurora Police have been and will continue to be active in their enforcement on all of our roads but are working to modify driving behavior on McCoy, Eola and Montgomery Roads.  They are watching school zones in the morning and afternoon and are working residential stretches as problems arise.



Spring Cleanup with FREE Yard Waste and Bundled Brush

Beginning April 4th through April 15th, Aurora will have free yard waste pickup on your regular day for garbage pickup.  Place yard waste in the 30 gallon Kraft paper bags and put them at the curb on your regular pickup day without a sticker for those two weeks.  After the 15th, yard waste pickup continues at the regular rate with the use of a sticker on each bag.  Bundled brush resumes on April 4th also.  This program is free each week.  Place tree limbs and brush from 1/2" to 4 " diameter no longer than 4 feet long tied in manageable bundles at the curb for free pickup.  Small brush is placed in Kraft bags.

Nicor Gas Pipe Construction

Nicor Gas will be building the 4th Phase of the Aux Sable Gas Transmission Line Replacement project.

The areas/streets affected include:

  - Fox Hill Road

- Pheasant Run Lane
- Acorn Court
- Allspice Court
- Bremerton Lane
- Clearwood Court 
- Ogden Point
- Tara Belle Parkway
- Andover Circle & Drive
- Harbor Springs
- Country Walk
- Remington Crossing
- Homestead
- Washington Square
- Georgetown Commons 
and adjacent streets like Ogden, Montgomery, 95th and Keating.